Safety and Environmental.

Our Commitment:
PreventionEarly DetectionNotification

Safety is Alon USA’s top priority – for our employees and the community. The Bakersfield Refinery has an excellent safety record — including a period in which the refinery employees had not experienced a single OSHA recordable injury in more than five years. While our goal and plan is to prevent accidents, we believe that providing the community with important safety information, helping them understand warning signs and describing actions they can take offers an additional layer of protection and security.

When it comes to community safety, our focus is Prevention, Early Detection and Notification.

While our primary safety focus is always prevention, the refinery has created and supported a number of tools to ensure the community has access to the information they might need and will know what actions to take in the event of an incident. We invite you to review these tools below.

Community members living near the refinery should prepare to use these tools and follow instructions when the status indicator on our website’s Home and Operating Status pages is ‘Orange’ or ‘Red’

 Prevention: Signs that all is well

Early Detection: Signs of a possible incident or disrupted operations

Notification:  Preparing the public to take action

  • Community Safety Information Brochure– This brochure contains safety information for the community, an explanation of the flare’s purpose, warning alarm information and Shelter-In-Place instructions. Please take time to review this information.
  • ReadyKern – Reverse 911 System – Our company pays a fee to ensure that people living in the areas around the Alon USA Bakersfield Refinery can enroll in this valuable service. When you enroll, you will receive text, voice and email alerts for all types of emergencies that may occur in your area. Information about ReadyKern and how to enroll can be found on at this link or select this link to visit the Kern County Fire Department ReadyKern”  (Reverse 911) Education Page.
  • Information about Warning Alarms – Detailed information about our warning alarms can be found at this link.
  • Shelter-in-Place Instructions– These Shelter-in-Place instructions are an essential tool for ensuring the community is provided with the information necessary to protect themselves in the unlikely event of an incident at the refinery. These instructions are available in the Community Safety Brochure or at this link.

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